Molopo's History

Molopo originally commenced as a diamond explorer in Botswana and a copper explorer in Mongolia 1986.

In 2001, the company focused its operations in the energy sector.

The name ‘Molopo’ originated from the Molopo River in Botswana and South Africa.


Molopo has operated in the diversified resource and energy sector as an explorer, developer and producer of oil and liquid hydrocarbons.

Across the company’s lifespan, it has acquired, developed and managed, and subsequently sold assets.

The Molopo Board has retained shareholder value by carefully managing the company’s significant cash reserves and minimising operating costs, whilst actively seeking one or more accretive investment opportunities in the energy sector.

Throughout Molopo’s history, it has invested and managed many projects across the globe, including

  • Southern Africa,
  • China (Huabei Province),
  • USA (Texas),
  • Canada (Manitoba, Saskatchewan), and
  • Australia (Qld and NSW)

Since June 2018, the company has been pursuing the recovery of a US$35 million investment in relation to the Orient Transactions and the Drawbridge Transactions which were entered into by former Directors of Molopo without seeking shareholder approval.